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Python Objects: Account

Account provides an interface to list all Workspaces, add/copy/delete Bases, and obtain access rights to a Base.

Separate Authentication required

Account requires a separate authentication.

from seatable_api import Account
username = ''
password = 'xxxxxxx'
server_url = ''
account = Account(username, password, server_url)

List of account objects

List workspaces

Get all your workspaces and its Bases.


Add a base

Add a base to a Workspace.

account.add_base(name, workspace_id=None)


account.add_base('new-base', 35)

Copy a base

Copy a base to a workspace.

account.copy_base(src_workspace_id, base_name, dst_workspace_id)


account.copy_base(35, 'img-file', 74)

Get a base

Get a base object. Get the Base object named base_name that exists in the workspace whose id is workspace_id.

account.get_base(workspace_id, base_name)


base = account.get_base(35, 'new-base')