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This section contains some examples of Python Scripts. You can just copy&paste them in any base in SeaTable any run them.

SeaTable Email Sender

This Python script demonstrates sending emails via SMTP using the smtplib library and constructing MIME objects to compose rich content emails within SeaTable.

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SeaTable Barcode Image Generator

This Python script demonstrates the process of converting text slices into barcode images and storing them in an image column within SeaTable.

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SeaTable QR Code Generator

This Python script is designed to generate QR codes and associate them with corresponding records in a SeaTable base. It uses the seatable_api library and qrcode module to accomplish this task.

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SeaTable MySQL Synchronization

This Python script facilitates the synchronization of data from a MySQL database to a SeaTable table.

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Watch Stock Price

Integrating data from the Twelve Data API with SeaTable facilitates the updating and maintenance of current stock prices within a designated table in the SeaTable environment.

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