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Python (in comparision to Javascript) scripts need an authentication.

You can use two methods to obtain authorization to read and write a base.

  1. One way is to use the api token of the base, the token can be directly generated on the web side. Read directly from context.api_token in the cloud environment.

  2. Another method is to use your username and password to initialize an account object, and then call the account interface to get a base object. The first method is much easier.

Protect your credentials

Please be aware that a python script is readable for all users, who have access to this base. Therefore be careful if you store your username and password to a python script.

Authorization with API-Token

from seatable_api import Base, context
base = Base(context.api_token, context.server_url)

Authorization with account object

from seatable_api import Account
account = Account(username, password, server_url)
base = account.get_base(workspace_id, base_name)

Authorization expiration handling

Note, this feature works with SeaTable version 3.1+

In some cases, the program need to run for a long time, we put the base operation code into a while or for loop. Authorization may expire during execution and cause the program to break. We provide an exception called AuthExpiredError that can be caught for reauthorization.

from seatable_api import Base, context
from seatable_api.exception import AuthExpiredError

server_url = context.server_url or ''
api_token = context.api_token or 'c3c75dca2c369849455a39f4436147639cf02b2d'

base = Base(api_token, server_url)

while True:
        base.append_row('Table1', {"xxx":"xxx"})
    except AuthExpiredError: